Saturday, 17 October 2009

Siberian Hamster

Fawlty Towers fans will note the photos that follow, taken at 10am today in my garden, as capturing a pedigree Siberian Hamster.

Those born after 1975 may disagree!

A Week Is A Long Time In....................


Haven't posted since last weekend.  Went for a day break(ish) walk with the dog.  All started well.  Out of the street, quick left and a male Sparrowhawk flew low over the road.  One of my favourite birds, good so far!  Onwards to WHIE, a hundred yards up the road and back at the entrance a man with a van arrived with his FOUR dogs, three terriers and a whippet.  Beagles, you may know, are at best stubborn and at worst disobedient so twice I was off chasing her through the tufty, knee-high grass like a lumbering cross between an Impala and a Masai tribesman as clearly his pooches were more appealling.

Birds?  The usual.  Nothing out of the ordinary, I am afraid.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Nice Threesome

This blog is developing into something more akin to a Carry On film, with a touch of Finbarr Saunders and some Ken and Kenneth!  What with a quickie a day or two ago, a threesome today, what next?

Off to St Mary's (even that sounds a bit rude) this morning, the prospect of THREE Yellow-browed Warblers being too good to miss.  Birding Sometimes was there, and Crammy (Where's my hide key?) Birder too, plus lots of other notable birding experts. 

After half an hour of poking around in the bush (?), voila, the Firecrest.  And soon after, a Goldcrest (both year ticks).  And after another 20 or so minutes, Lifer 243, the YBW put in an appearance.  Three ticks in one session, so this afternoon off for some time at The Mound (?) and then Church Point.  The former was as dead as a dead thing, the latter not much better.