Saturday, 4 February 2012

Iced Gem

Good Lord, it's chilly.

The patch's two stillwater courses are glaciers and there's litlte to see.

So spent an hour or more this morning in the Bassington Industrial Estates's wee reserve.  Barely 500 yards square, it's a busy place, with Gold, Green, Bull and Chaffinches, Magpies, Crows, two Grey Herons, a fox, Blue, Great and Coal Tits, gulls, GSW and this stunning lady;
And two of these:

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Route 66

West Hartford at day break was quite impressive in terms of the aesthetics, but the birds were predictable - gulls, Lapwings and Teal on the iced-up larger flash, nothing at all on the smaller one, and no owls.  A large flock of Lapwings was way off west, probably over 100, and along the burn on the 'front nine', a pair of Mistle Thrushes and a flock of mainly Siskin and Goldfinch numbered nearer 40, which made quite a din.  I haven't seen any Kingfishers for a fortnight.

Arcot mid-morning was equally frozen and uninspiring; BHG, CG, HG, Carrion Crow, calling Jay, one Goosander (F) sleeping on the west bank, two feeding Grey Herons, several Mallards but yesterday's Wigeon and Gadwall were not to be seen.  En route, a single LBBG was at the top of the lamp-post in the middle of the Barnes Park access roundabout (66).

Plessey was consistent for the day - deathly.  I never ventured near the farm in case I triggered the Gestapo into action.  Walked west along the track between Aesica and MSD but all that was there was a startled Buzzard, a Kestrel and a Great Tit.  And just south of the track, on the northbound offside lane of the main road was a dead Grey Heron.  Gutted.

Rain and the ornthological plateau suggested my time should be better spent on chores, so that's what I did.

Regular readers may recall this post, and one of the highlights of an afternoon in was watching Vera.  The worst Geordie accent ever (it reminded me of this every time Brenda Blethyn opened her mouth).