Saturday, 4 May 2013

More Grrrr!

Quick tour of the patch (very) early this morning as it's work today and tomorrow.  Hit'n'miss so far, the hits being Ring-necked Parakeet at Arcot Golf Course and Ringed Plover at Wessie H.  The misses were Black-tailed Godwit at Arcot and the Heron at East Chev.  I may get up there later this afternoon or at dawn tomorrow.

PS - Too good an opportunity to miss, Ardea purpurea admired from afar this afternoon.  Despite the heat haze and wind, a stunner!  A little less grrrr!

PPS - Summer plumage Blackwit at Wessie 0600 5/5/13.  No more grrrr at all!

PPS - Blackwit remains this evening, plus 4 Oycs, a Ringed Plover and a White and a Pied Wagtail.

Friday, 3 May 2013


What a day!

Day 'off' as at work two of the three BH weekend days.

Ended up with a tripette 'early doors'.  A classic Gropper shot in the making, but as ever, what is seen through the scope never materialises!!  Nice railings (grrrrr!).

And missed a Marsh Harrier at Arcot at 1pm when I should have been there or thereabouts (I was at work).  Grrrr!

And then an Osprey when I should have been out and about but instead was making 'Er Indoors'' tea.  Grrrr!

And finally having escaped for an hour, at Wessie this evening was a Greenshank.  Nice!

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Some days are simply, ornithologically fan-feckin'-tastic.  Take Avocet Saturday as one example, and today as another.  I'm even typing this with 'The Specials live' blasting out and a glass of red to hand!!

Up at 5:15am (without the need for an alarm clock) and time for an hour of patching.

Bright and sunny and still and first stop, as ever, Beacon Lane in search of the elusive Athene noctua.  Scanned the sunny side of the tall trees from the parking spot at o/s Beacon Mews, then off 'a pied' along the lane. Peaking around the LH bend and the fence posts at the RH band were clear.  So into the fallow field and intent on looking at the tall trees on both sides of the path looking south.

'Ello, what's that in the sunlight on the east side tree?  BINGO!!!!

Next stop was Arcot.  And nothing new to add by sight or sound.  Several Tufties started to emerge from the SW corner into the main lake, and then as I was checking them out, 'Ello, it's a Scaup! A patch Lifer and a bird not seen for nearly a decade, I believe.

Quick call to Crammy, impression of Blueline, and two happy campers.  Can it get any better?  Too right!  

Mid morning and 'ello, a text from Sometimes who had LRP at Wessie.  Five minutes later, dogs billhooks!  You'll be relieved there's no photo, no doubt.

Whilst basking on a hat-trick, 'ello, another text, this time from Crammy who had Wood Sandpiper at Wessie.  Crikey, and five minutes later.....

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

100 Not 'Owt!

Managed to hit three figures on t'patch this morning with a Sedge Warbler calling from a reedbed to the west side of Arcot.

As for the Little Owl, despite clear and sunny skies and no quads, people, dogs, off-road motor bikes nor anything else of a disturbing nature, it failed to appear (again).

NB - No sign of the LO this afternoon or evening either.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Flogging It!

Probably three visits each to Arcot and Wessie today and yesterday - each one blends into the next when there's little of note.

Weekend's highlights - first ever Blackcap (male) and a Bullfinch on feeders in the grounds of Liverbirder Towers.

Couldn't locate the Little Owl on a very windy Beacon Lane this afternoon.  Bugger!  Back very early tomorrow.

Mrs M wanted to see the goats a Prestwick - something about looking at them makes me look 'normal'.  Goats duly 'ticked', off north up the road to the Sentry Box.

A Chiffchaff/Willow Warbler-like single peep, but not from the aforesaid - a male Redstart, first for the year and looking superb.

It 'ran ahead' up the hedgerows and then took a sharp left to go west along the hedgerow just south of the box.

Out of the wind by standing on the north-facing wall of the box, we watched it dropping out of the hedge to the ground and back.  Beaut!

And at least two other birds leaving the sun-bathed security of the hedge between box and big tree, one being a female Pied Flycatcher (both may have been).

A text message to PCF via Crammy and also a word to the wise for Andy Lewoc and off home.  I hope they contacted the birds.  Nice to see; better seen in an area with an NE23 post code though.