Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chatty Man

No sign of the Redstart at Arcot this morning after two visits; the Garganey remains.

First trip to Wessie was one about BHGs and Pied Wags and little else.

The second journey was vastly better, with two birds chasing each other around some 100 yards away from the main Flash on the fenceline to the north of the brick house.

Both looked good for Whinchat, but at that distance?

Back in the car and off to the gap in the hedge and a walk north.  And voila!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Nice Start

Several local visits today, the female Garganey remains at Arcot, and a freshly dead gull on the island, possibly a LBB but as it was upside down with head bent under; it was hard to tell from 100 yards away.

Wessie was dead at dawn, a gull fest at tea time, and this evening, its usual wag-fest, with a dozen Pied and three Yellows.  Until this year, Yellow Wagtail was a patch lifer, and this year I am falling over them.  Brilliant!

This fellow was trying to generate some sustenance, but without much success.  He'll learn!

After dropping Mrs M off a local hostel, and second visit to Arcot.  As I got out of the car, a Robin flew from the hedge onto the wooden structure that allows the cows and horses in and out safely, the sort of equine/bovine kissing gate.  But feck me, the bins showed the Robin to be a female Redstart (patch lifer),

Camera bag open.  Camera out. Camera on.  Started to raise it from my hip and the bird was into the hedge.  Bollocks!  After a text to the troops, a game of cat and mouse as it was always one shutter button ahead of me.  This went on for 20-25 minutes, with periods where it went missing and then reappeared. 

And with the light fading, the shittiest shot that is not even good as a record.  I'll spare you the humour.

Back early doors for another go.

And the gull is now but a few feathers and the odd bone!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Times are hard and every tick has to be earned at the moment.  Wessie has water, and so Gulls and Wagtails (tonight a Grey and a dozen Pied and last week, two Yellow, a Grey and half a dozen Pied).

This afternoon's visit to Arcot had this 'monster':