Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Right Up My Strasse!

I love overt, grammatical errors, especially where the writer has gone to some lengths to make his/her point and FAILED due to a lack of knowledge of Our Sovereign Lady HM The Queen's English! It's not snobbery or me being smart, we all make mistakes, it's when the writer goes the extra mile to make a public point and thereby makes their stupidity obvious to the world. Examples are tattoos spelt incorrectly or graffiti on a railway or road bridge. I labour the point a tad and so today's birding highlight made me smile this morning. Clearly, a local 'big man' or 'big woman' has taken a marker pen out and passed through West Hartford with it. There's risk and there's M&S risk! They have sought to add some social comment to one of the signs erected at the start of May, and undoubtedly been looking over their shoulder at the F&RS HQ and visitors who might catch their dabbling with Sec 1 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971. Pulse racing; heart beating; breathing shallow and the deed hurriedly done. And after taking time to endorse the sign with a valid point, voila, an enormous FAIL!!!!