Friday, 25 February 2011


Car dropped off for some minor tinkering 2pm/4pm today, so just me, the bins and the birds on Beacon Lane and about Arcot.

Twenty-nine species noted with not too much effort; Golden Plover (GP) (18 of 'em) on the field at the horse farm on the lane, and the patch list increased by four (the GPs, Coot and Cormorant on Arcot lake and Reed Bunting (lake side)).

Point of intrigue?  Whilst on the shore looking north, a huge swirl in the water but nothing seen.  Either a fish or an otter?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Warming Up

Not having used my optics in anger for what seems like an age (it's actually only ten days), I thought a quick 'drop in' this afternoon would act as a warm up for the weekend, as especially as the weather was also warming up.

Arcot Lake - eight Mute Swans, two Grey Herons, two Oystercatchers, seven Tufties (5M:2F), four Goldeneye (1M:3F), two Wigeon (2M), one Moorhen and couple of Mallard.  Non-water, two Mistle Thrushes and common corvids.

At the end of Arcot Lane, where it joins the dual carriageway, perched at the top of the lighting pole, a pair of LBBGs - nice!

West Hartford at 16:00 - quiet; too quiet.  Grey Partridge heard, Woodcock seen, and common corvids once again.