Friday, 17 September 2010

Ruddy Miracle

After my nemesis was gifted a tick yesterday, and moved two ahead, it made what might be an average bird to some a significant one for me.  I would, had I read BirdForum last night 'afore slumber', have nipped to East Chev. this morning, but the Pope's visit must have precipitated The Big Man Upstairs directing that I went into work for 7:10 am and not to the North Pool (overnight, there was some substantial faeces that had hit the device to circulate currents of air, especially one with rotating blades).  It was ideal that I was at my desk not 20 miles away.  Phew!

But after my eight hours of public service, I thought I would give it a go.

Thirty five minutes later, and no ruddy duck!  Plenty to see, but no ticks to be had.  And then, beyond the islands, with scope at 60x, a stiffy (ooo-errr, Mrs Gimlet!).  And with it, I draw level with my best birding year (2007) at 209.  And one step nearer 'himself'!

If all else fails, can I count an Aylesbury Duck!?!?!?

Monday, 13 September 2010

All Square

Tonight it was in from work, quick sarnie, walk the dog and out at 6 pm to the golf course at Newbiggin to eak out a Lapland Bunting.  I walked the path from the club house and bagged one then two as they ran like little rodents up the path towards Beacon Point.

Spent 30 minutes playing cat and mouse trying to get even a record shot but fading light, strong westerlies and general lack of skill combined to defeat me.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Great Tits, a Warm Mound and Swallows

Well, what a queer old day! 

BirdMap has the British Isles a veritable ornithofest with 284 sightings (those with access to Birdguides, note that Lough Beg in Antrim is in the Irish Sea due north of Rhyl!), but from the Tyne north to the Border, zilch!

I thought N-b-t-S might have something of interest but after parking off Woodhorn Road behind the war memorial, and with a spring in my size 11s, I bumped into a renowned birder, let's call him JS (Quiz Question: his surname is a type of alloy) and my asking,' Much about?' was met with one of two answers.  Was it;

A - The Barred Warbler's showing well on the Ash Lagoons, the Greenish Warbler's in the sycamores and there's Lapland Buntings on the golf course.


B - I've seen a few Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers about and not much else.

If you said A, get real.  If you opted for B, give yourself a gold star.

Nonetheless, a trip around the course yielded little, and 45 minutes on a warm and sunny Mound had Swallows and House Martins overhead, and Great and Blue Tits in the trees as well as the aforementioned WWs and Chiffies.

In the words of D-ream, things can only get better!

For Sale

Three, competition-standard, inflatable Little Stints.  Simply blow up and place on muddied watercourses for that 'now I'm in the lead' effect.

Guaranteed to fool even the most particular birder.  And as they are static, record shots are a doddle.

OIRO 50p for all three or will swap for a pneumatic Brambling. 

Contact Vipers via BirdForum!

N.B. No Stints (nor Quail) there this morning.  QED.