Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Two Ticks

Work at Aykley Heads yesterday gave an opportunity to return north via Ch-le-St and the chance of a Scaup and Mandarin.  Guided in by my birding sat-nav (Foghorn), the car park was easily located, but the sum of my clearly hole-ridden pockets was a meager 50p and 60p was required.  When you get to my age, 'living on the edge' entails leaving your car without a ticket for 20 minutes!! Sad or what?

Anyway, 50% success as below:

I would have posted a Scaup photo here, and a pretty good one, but since yesterday the blogging system throws it out!

The Mandarin lived to fight another day!

En route home, popped in to the Burton House PH again, the Waxwings still there, first two, then up to about 15 and very mobile in the apple tree.  Male Blackcap was in the conifer next to the fruit and darted in, fed, and quickly went back to hide.