Monday, 10 December 2012

The Big Dipper

Off work this week whilst a new kitchen is fitted.  What confusion having the heart ripped out of your house causes; I didn't realise we had so much 'stuff'!

So off for a wee stroll with the derg at lunch time after a morning of 'supervising' the fitter and acting as his 'fag'!

Horton Burn was in reasonable flow, and as me and my four-legged chum wandered lonely as a cloud, a 'rat' was swimming across the burn (I have seen a few of late) between the western-most Horton Drive bridge and the bridge at the park.

And then the 'rat' got out of the water and became a 'blackbird'.  And then the realisation that the black bird was a Dipper!  No camera nor bins, but a few covert steps thanks to the burnside vegetation and closer views confirmed it was, indeed a Dipper.  And a very rare sight for urban Cramlington to boot.

Dog walk curtailed (slightly) and back out with camera and bins and quarry located further east.  Camera was retrieved from son, who had fecked up some of the settings so the first few record shots have been re-tinkered.