Saturday, 29 September 2012

Arctic Roll

It was short and sweet.  It was windy and frustrating.  The birds moved, the leaves moved.  Time was of the essence as the tide was in at 12:20pm and we arrived on Holy Island at 10:00am.  The crowd at the Lindisfarne Hotel helped as the quarry was identified and ticked and talk of Wryneck had us off elsewhere on the island.  But it was not located, and the frustration continued as BirdGuides had a Common Rosefinch (remaining a lifer) on the strawberry field at noon.  Lunch at The Ship at Newton was good; it was packed and the blonde beer was great.  One of those days where a life tick was nice to have BUT getting it involved a lot of travel, the views were brief and hurried and to be honest, the satisfaction limited.  But at least I have now seen one.  Onwards and upwards!