Monday, 14 March 2011

Found the G-Spot

Good Lord!  What a relief!  After ages trying to find Utopia - success!  The G-Spot; something others have easily located but 'Yours Truly' has never done so.  And what an embarrassment, until today!

With the sun on the back of my balding pate, I looked over the Harwood area this morning - dry, warm, clear, slight breeze and almost pleasant.  The sound of Red Grouse, many a Skylark, Chaffinches, Crossbills and Meadow Pipits.  The sight of Buzzards, and then, after 90 minutes of plain and simple bliss, the Big G.  Two of 'em, initially together, then one coming in high and relatively close (you could see its legs).  The other remained distant and was doing some lone skydiving into the forest.

Crackin'!  And after several very poor birding trips of late, success at last.