Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Treeeee-o! Treeee-o!

Had a nice threesome today (that'll increase the hits on this blog and depress a few who wander here with alternative thoughts!). Goldcrest (65) at the back of Chez Liverbirder this morning on the back nine with the hound. Nice! Then on the front nine with the dog at dinner time, a lone Waxwing (66) on the burn. Great! Finally, at Arcot without the mut, a Willow Tit (67) in the hedge near the south-east shore. Formidable!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Not Too Eventful

A couple of hours each day over the weekend and although pleasant, nothing too radical to report. Yesterday, the circuit of Beacon Lane, Arcot, Plessey Mill Farm Wood and West Hartford added Cormorant (63) to the year's Patch List, one flying along the R. Blyth west to east. Little else at PMFW and Arcot likelwise. No sign of the Willow Tit, unfortunately. Today, all quiet at Arcot, the Little Owl, absent yesterday was on sentry duty in its usual 'box', and a substantial flock of Redwing, Fieldfare (64) and Chaffinch in the vicinity of the travellers' stables. There is a Common Buzzard frequenting the area of late (to the east of the lane in the region of the stream) and in today's light its head and shoulders looked very pale (a tad of heart-racing pre-empted the confirmation that it was a Common!).