Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cramlington's Loch Ness Monster

As promised, 'photographic' 'proof' of the Otter at Arcot, seen again very briefly at 12:10pm today, these snaps taken at 6:00am (blah, blah. light; blah, blah, distance; blah, blah, moving subject etc).

(And another) Nice Surprise

06:05/06:30 today ay Arcot, all quiet on the new migrant front.  Two Mute Swans were joined by another four, headed bizarrely by a Greylag as they hit the water from the SE, and joined another seven Greylags that had dropped in whilts I was there.  Four Tufties (two pairs) and several Mallards added to the usual Moorhens and Coots.

The Otter was back again, in the SW of the lake, doing what they do best, fishing and frolicking!

I have some 'photos' that will be posted later, but I would guess they will probably look like those infamous Loch Ness Monster ones; the 'is it a Plesiosaur?', 'is it a tree?', 'is it a wave?' ones!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Nice Surprise

No sight nor sound of any new migrants at Arcot at 06:10 today.  The 5 Tufties from yesterday were gone, as were the Gadwall pair that dropped in last night and the extra 5 Canada Geese.  The Little Grebe pair were busy, as were the Grey Herons that appeared to chase each other all over without any obvious purpose.

Fascinating to watch an Otter for the 15 minutes I was there.  Never seen a live one for years here, this one was east and west, north of the submerged hedge, feasting on the finest fresh fish (red lorry/yellow lorry etc)!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

(Mis)Read Letter Day

06:30 and as ever, weather to make Noah smile.  Back for a nap it was, then.

08:15 and a text from Crammy that appeared to say - Gshawk main pool wh now.

Given it was Phil 'The Wryneck' that was texting, it was a quick call to make sure it was still there and after confirming it was, Cruella De Vil took to the road.  A minute or two later, shoelaces not even tied, and a wee sprint-ette to the pool side.

Still there?
Yes, to the left of the right wind turbine on the pool edge.
Near the Greenshank?
It is the Greenshank!

Re-read the text - Gshank main pool wh now!

As Unlucky Alf would say,.....