Saturday, 7 February 2015

Professor of Cunning at Oxford University

Baldrick: I have... a plan, sir. Blackadder: Really, Baldrick? A cunning and subtle one? Baldrick: Yes, sir. Blackadder: As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University? Baldrick: Yes, sir. And here's said Professor, not in Oxford but at Wessie H this morning: Popped in to East Cramlington Pond and its mystery feeders a few times this week. They were in need of a top-up on Monday, had it on Tuesday and were back to their 'voidness' on Wednesday. Still, they are busy, with: Great, Coal, Blue, LT and Willow Tits; Green, Bull and Chaffinches; GSW, Dunnock and Robin and a few odds'n'sods more besides.