Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Gosforth Park Fudge - £3.50 and well worth it!

Some Lifers are ticked 'just because'; the Yellow-rumped Warbler, for example. Well, it would have been rude not to! Never heard of one before, will never hear of one again and as remarkable as its journey was, it was hardly stunning, in my opinion. At the other end of the Lifer spectrum, those birds, probably unique to every birder, that you would drop everything (within reason) to see. Palled Harrier, Subalpine Warbler, Purple Heron and Red-breasted Goose are but four, and the Fudge Duck is another. So today, with more news, and my pestering Crammy for updates from my frustratingly piled-up desk at work, and then photos, it was a comparatively sharp end to the working day (only nine hours) and off to Gozzy P. After what was a bargain payment of £3.50, as I neared the hide, a text from Crammy to say the covert Anatid was now very much overt. Dogs' bollocks!