Monday, 11 August 2014

Turned Out Nice

After a slight drenching (can you be slightly drenched?) with the dog from 1800 to 1845, time for a trip to Wessie in the hope of getting more wet, and wind swept (but not interesting (Billy Connolly)). On arrival near the water's edge (my Big Boots were, as ever, elsewhere) I huge dark bird harassing the crows in the north edge's trees. Initially, I 'saw' a forked tail, but on raising the bins, the cream head of a Marsh Harrier. So, scope, tripod, bins, camera and phone, 'assisted' by the wind and sausage fingers combined to produce this record shot ('record' in its broadest sense). Also present were three Greenshank, two Dunlin and an LRP. Not too bad for a breezy puddle, one of the Dunlin looked a tad odd, so many a minute in fading light trying to turn it into something better. And whilst doing so, one of the Greenshank walked through the scope view, except it had become a Ruff. And there were two, as well as the Greenies. The good Lord alone knows where they came from, but who cares. 121 for Viet-Cram so far and a wise move to not be beaten by the elements!