Saturday, 31 December 2011

And now, the end is near................

..............I did it my way!

This morning was a burn fest/quest.  Only one Kingfisher, this time east of Horton Drive, a nice Grey Wagtail to the west, and a GSW that obligingly stayed put whilst the camera was out of the carry case, pointed etc.

Now check out this photo.  Focus, colour and artistic use of reflection,  Sometimes, watch out!

Off to Blyth after a spot of tiffin, and in search of the 15 Snow Buntings in the stubble field south of the cemetery.  Crafty buggers, these birds are; all too easily dropping into the lines of straw never to be seen again.  A flock of 50 - 60 Yellowhammer, Tree Sparrow and Reed Bunting were very flighty, but the Snowies rarely lifted and did not form part of the larger group.  They took to the skies twice, on both accasions flying over the road ad lost in the dunes.  I did go and look, but could I relocate them?  NO.

Two coveys of Grey Partridge were there, plus some Rock Doves, Crows and Mistle Thrushes.

Yellowhammers in the foreground, Tree Sparrow top/right.

Happy New Year to one and all.

Friday, 30 December 2011

The Last Post.....

.....of 2011?  Hopefully, not!

But a nice few hours started in a crisp and sunny search for the GGS near North East Mason Farm.  In the words of the legendary Scouse comedian and game show host (no, not Tarby) Les Dennis....(click here).

Nonetheless, seven of these was reasonable compensation:

And in the field between Big Waters and the bridle path, a flock of Greylags accompanied two of these:

Does the difference in the facial pattern signify anything?

Next stop, Arcot.  En route back to the car, parked near the Chinese takeaway on the old A1, the small wood was alive with GSW, LTT, Blue Tits, Wren, Blackbirds and Great Tits.

Arcot was quiet, with BHG, Teal, Wigeon, Mute Swan and six Goosander (3M & 3 F):

Two Kingfishers were along Horton Burn and the Grey Wagtail.

After a spot of nurishment and some canine exercise, off to West Hartford, arriving at 2:00 pm with a few spots of rain.  One, two then three Short-eared Owls hunted the field to the SW of the flash (where the brick house is), but as the spitting became rain, so the owls were grounded never to be seen again.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Four Kin' Hell

Day Four - the Kingfisher's doing fine - predictable activity with some superb scope views.  But the digiscoped images are sh*te.

Nice Grey Wagtail too.

Come on Sometimes, Richard Dunn, Messrs Howdon and Sedgedunum et al, do the wee chap some justice!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Oui! Three Kings!

For the past three days, I have seen Kingfishers within 50 yards of my home.  Horton Burn regularly turns them up, anywhere along the mile west of the old fire station.

On Xmas Eve, one up and down along the length parallel with Hauxley Drive.

Yesterday, alerted by my son, not one but two, causing a right commotion in the trees to the west of the footbridge on the burn's south bank, again parallel with Hauxley.

Today, a singleton in the same tree at 9 am (dog walk one) and again in that tree and also the one to the east on the north bank, at dinner time (dog walk two).

And whilst dealing with yet another, 'What you lookin' at, Mister?' the blighter using my scope actually saw it fishing!

Digiscoped at 50 yards: