Saturday, 8 October 2011

Turtle Surprise

Off to The Haven at 1pm but a text from SH (The Guvnor) informed me of a Turtle Dove at Big Waters so time for a detour.

The bird had flown off before I arrived and was with a flock of Collared Doves near the radio mast of the access road.

Whilst searching, Sir Crammy of Northburn, who was also there with Mr Wanderings of Prestwick, Lord Cowell of Kingston, Howdon's top (only?) blogger and others gave me a call to say the bird was back and voila, what would have been a Lifer pre-Suffolk was a welcome County tick.

Off to Northumberland Park to see the Mandarin:

On a roll, time to chance my arm yet again with the Y-b Warbler at The Haven.  On to a winner when not only was the ticket machine kapput, but it gave me back 15p more than I put in, my luck continued as, on climbing the muddy bank to the back of Prior's Park, the tit flock (plus Goldcrests) were moving from the large tree in the NW corner of the car park to the tree in the SW corner.  And in the former tree, and last to leave, the quarry.

And most welcome, and typically, having waited a full 30 seconds to see it, plenty more views were had, all be they brief, as the flock flew west along the sea buckthorn.

Dogs bollocks!

Furrowed-browed Wobbler!

I am close to having one! 

I have spent many an hour (and I do mean many) staring at bushes at St. Mary's, The Haven and Royal Newbiggin.  So far, I am being hammered by the wee blighters.

I found tit flocks, without any hangers-on, and warblers (chiffchaffs in abundance), but not yet have I found a tit flock with a warbler in-tow that has been a yellow-browed.

Ash Lagoon bank this morning - Robins, Blackbirds, Redwings, Kestrel, 13 Whoopers over low and south, 80 Pink-feet high and south, 15 Barnacles low and north over the shore, and a very interesting call repeatedly on the bank next to the 14th tee (near the roped-off area and the half-white vertical railway sleeper).  Never heard it before - metalic-ish, rasping call, either in a series of two or three or a one-off!

Off to trawl Xeno-Canto now and to The Haven after dinner for another go!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wild up North

Tim - I cannot seem to add a comment to your blog, and I know you read this one.  Your mystery bug is a Hover Fly larva.  Unsure of the species tho'.  And they said a Zoology degree would never come in useful!