Saturday, 26 April 2014

Came Down in the Last Shower of Rain

Migrant-fest today, linked (or otherwise) to yesterday's 'wee shower'! Arcot at dawn - another Gropper, this one near the south shore in the SW field (west end). Sedgie on the SE shore line reeds. Whitethroats in the SW corner of the SE field,. This followed a drop in to Wessie, so much easier as the green access gate was open so you can drive up to the end of the road. Four Wheatears was the reward (later in the day they were along the SW shore reeds). Out with the derg later, and a Lesser Whitethroat in the scrub to the NE or the Blue Star building. Walking down Beacon Lane, another Whitethroat in the hedge south of the horse stable. A second Sedgie was in the reeds on Arcot's north shore. Second dog walk and a second Lesser in the scrub to the rear (south) of Brockwell shops (the back of the health centre). Lesser hat-trick with a third, this time in the hedge along the access road from the Plessey Checks windmills down to Plessey Hill Farm. And in the old windmill field, in its SW corner, two more Wheatears.