Sunday, 10 June 2012

Beware! The 'Ides of Marsh!

Well, it would have been rude not to. 

A Marsh Warbler consistently showing and singing well was too good to resist so me and Mrs L spent a few hours along the road from Hauxley to Druridge Bay CP and back again, with a quick stop for coffee and a cheese scone.  It could only have been better if it was at Arcot!!

It was showing well in one second bursts, flying here and there, into bushes and saplings and the phragmites and then hiding again. 

Bird located, camera focussed, and then off it goes!

That said, I could have spent hours watching and listening.  And absolute belter, with better impressions than Mike Yarwood!

And so to today's images. 

Move over Mr Morgan!  You are done, Mr Dunn!  Step aside Mr Sometimes!

Dry, Dry, Dry!

Arcot last night had little to excite, but at least I could see through dry glasses and dry optics.

This morning, the SE corner was alive with Sedgies.  Yesterday's dozen Mallard drakes had fizzled to five, the drake Pochard was joined by a lady Goldeneye, and the Tuftie pair had a drake hanger-on.  The Mute Swans, Moorhens and Coots remained, accompanied by a Little Grebe.