Thursday, 11 July 2013


Keeping the faith and the focus on local hot spots (hot being weather related and not birds) lately, Wessie is almost 100% dried-up.  Near 20 or so Pied Wagtails, mostly young 'uns, over the last few days, a couple of Lapwings, half a dozen BHGs, the odd HG, a flock of juvenile Goldfinches and Linnets and hirundines too.  The boxing class wasn't on last night, so the bonus of the lycra-clad instructress running up and down the access road was absent as well.  Shame!

Arcot has a lower water level, some 15 inches or so, and almost every species has young in tow.  Mute pair have two, Little Grebe one, Mallards 10 and three, Coots have four and two, Moorhen two, and there's a few non-fecunds there too, such as Gadwall and yesterday, a Wigeon.  The bushes are equally busy.