Saturday, 24 August 2013


It's here for its third day:

Joined this afternoon by four of these:

And three u/k waders were part of the gull flock that 'got the flock out' as I neared the pool (I must wear some lo-viz garb next time!).

Arcot was busy, the Teal numbers moving up from half a dozen to about 80, with two female Shovelers, three Gadwall (2M:1F), the Garganey; Mallards, Moorhens and Coots: Little Grebes and a Heron that was observed harpooning a guinea-pig sized vole (couldn't see a tail) and eating it!

Amazing (unless you were said rodent)!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

One Two Six

Four visits to Wessie today (I think), one 'early doors', mid-day, mid-afternoon and this evening.

Little to show for it in general, the usual BHGs had the odd HG and LBBG and a juvenile CG.  The Wag-fest continues with up to four Yellows.  There were Stock Doves, Woodies, Crows and Magpies, Linnets and Goldies, Mipits, a Sprawk causing mayhem and Willow Warblers too.

The MEGA was this evening, and a patch lifer and the record breaker for a Crammy year.  After a call to The Guv, and several double-takes, this:

And for good measure: