Saturday, 7 April 2012

Have you met 'Er Indoors!

Walking north along Beacon Lane and an angle I have not see Northumberlandia from before.  Quiet a resemblance!

Still Hirundineless on the patch.  The area remains awash with SEO's, with one at Arcot 'early doors' and two at West Hartford shortly after.

At 3pm, two at Arcot, either in the NE field or NE of the NE field (over the lane in the hawthorn plantation).

Having A Wobbler!

Arcot's overnight arrivals today were nine Tufties (5m/4f) and the year's first Little GrebeChiffies everywhere, and a Blackcap and the world's loudest Song Thrush greeted me as I stepped out the car.  Great! (and yes, there was an SEO)

West Hartford was equally Chiffyfied, with two SEOs, three LBBG and half a dozen Herring Gulls on the water withe the usual TealMipits, Skylarks and Linnets added to the audio, and behold, a star from the east, the sound of the first Willow Warbler of 2012 from the plantation north of the sub-station:

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Black Magic

Signs Spring has sprung, albeit slowly!

Chiffchaffs are EVERWHERE her in Viet-Cram.  Two Blackcaps yesterday evening in the Arcot hedgerows, a welcome addition to porn, papers and pants!

And another this morning, a male singing his wee lungs out in the trees opposite the post box on Northumbrian Road on the west side of the Horton Drive r/about!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ducks and Shags

Holywell Pond took me away from my Cramlington patch this afternoon; nice to see one Liverbirder can notch up away success (but let's not spoil a good blog by referring to pigs' bladders).

Yet another Winter's day, with this at the feeding station:

And these on the water:

These two couples had just finished starting off their next generations!

And this one was trying a wee spot of 'foreplay':

And this one was all alone: