Sunday, 17 February 2013

Give Me Sunshine

What a glorious day; Spring is surely here!

Wessie H with singing Skylarks was near bliss this morning.

Arcot was a duck-fest this afternoon, the white plumage of the drake Goosander and the same for the two male Goldeneye was like something off a Daz advert.  There were six Goldeneye in total, 2M/4F, and five Pochard, 4M/1F, and several Gadwall pairs, heaps of Teal, hods of Coot and a plethora of Tufties.

At the Northumberlandia open-cast access road entrance, another six Skylark and the best, a welcome surprise Willow Tit making its way south through the perimeter hawthorns.

No ticks today, but what a difference a few rays make to the birds and the birder!  And we had a bobby dazzler of a male GSW on the feeders this morning too.