Friday, 13 August 2010

And another threesome

No, dear reader, not an Arcot experience, but three year ticks (although my pride has been severely dented by the Whitburn Crew's tally today and the Church Point Gang's too).  Nonetheless, it's all relative and I have had a great morning.

Waking to a Sacha Distel moment, I did not recall precipitation being on the meteorolgical radar this week, so after sorting the dog (not a euphemism) and getting unpleasantly damp, I toed-and-froed about birding and eventually opted to go.

Off to Snab, no let up in the rain, but an ebbing tide meant some shelter on the rocks on the lower south side (sounds like and area of New York).

Tick One - 7:50 and a drake Velvet Scoter N.  Not too far out either, you could see the whites of its eyes (or rather the white behind its eyes and of course, the white wing bars).  Bring on 197.

Tick Two - 08:10 and after several distant dark shearwaters, a Sooty close in and N.

Tick Three - 08:27 with a Grey Plover N.

I lost count of the northbound Gannets, and the Fulmars and Kittiwakes too.  Three Manxies together (N) at 9 bells and a Great Skua (S) made it a crackin' couple of very wet hours (on to my second 'waterproof').  Cresswell, Druridge and East Chev were dead.

Bring on tomorrow!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hat Trick

Early start today, up the coast for 07:30am and not too many souls about.  First soul was, unfortunately of the 'R' type (think about it!).  As I neared Cresswell's north end, with deluded anticipation about 196 and a Little Stint, for example, there was one car in the car park.  One car?  Another pun! (think about it!).  Some bloke standing on the causeway, just where the open water starts, looking all around like some misplaced sentry, his beloved Spaniel running through the reeds close by.  R sole!  One car!  With miles of beach to play with, he chooses the other side of the road.

So onwards and upwards to what is becoming my favourite place - The Pools.  And up the big dune to see what the sea had to offer.  Good move!

17 Red-throated Divers and a Black-throated too.  That's three BTDs in the past few birding days.  And far up the beach, a Darctic Skua was over the beach giving the terns a hard time.

From the Oddie, parties of 6, 4 and 3 Little Grebes, nothing outside the hide, and loads of Coots and common ducks on the water too.

Two Greenshank @ Arcot this evening too.