Saturday, 19 July 2014

(No so) Common Scoter

So this morning I rolls up at Wessie to see the Guvnor's car already there. It was very early for him; had he left it there the night before or had he wet the bed? A text to see if it was worth getting out the car was met with response that despite his best efforts to delicately place his size 5s in the proximity of the Flash, he had spooked two Shoveler. From now on, The Guv shall be known as Blunder Boots (BB)! So assuming the Shoveler and accompanying Teal has skipped over to Arcot, Arcot bound we then were. Arcot Lane is becoming the satellite Tip, with plenty of industrial $hite and this morning, some not so industrial too as the McDonald's refuse by the gate was aside a huge turd; at least the deliverer had wiped his/her arse on three Tesco's receipts! So eight Teal over the water and a throng of Mallard on it, and after setting the scope at the five-bar gate, this:
Later on, BB located the Shoveler at Northumberlandia (I got them too at noon) and he accidentally flushed a Redshank back at Wessie (although he blamed a dog walker). So if you fart, blame the dog; if you flush, blame its owner (sounds like one from Confucius).