Friday, 23 January 2015

Nice Start

Clear diary. Day off. Five Golden Plover over Westwood Grange, Viet-cram, towards Beacon Lane area.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Two Words

Some combinations of words are sure to excite. Excluding those that may be bedroom-orientated (No, Mr Hall, not 'pine furniture'!), these include 'free beer', 'blue cheese', 'red wine' and arguably one of the best, 'showing well'. And so, after a week or so of 'will it, won't it', the dreaded Rose-coloured Starling at sunny (and it was) Prudhoe was described as just that. Some birds I especially want to see, and this was one. So off south and into Cheviot View and there was number 9 but no crowd, not even a solitary birder. On driving east along the block, one camera-clad chap was duly interrogated and gave me the 'last seen' location. After parking the car, collecting the kit and raising the bins, it took about ten seconds to locate the little blighter in the trees at the rear of the end house of the block (13?). There's a grassed area at the side of this des-res and at the rear of the house some leafless deciduous trees and a line of conifers. When it wasn't out of sight in the garden, it was in these trees. If I was Big Daddy, and with free beer, blue cheese, red wine and despite the unnamed nocturnal lexicographical duets, I soon may be, I would say, 'Easy! Easy! Easy!'