Friday, 25 September 2009

Bit of a let down

Took a few hours off this afternoon and thought I'd go up north and enjoy the sun.  First stop was Druridge Pools, where a Chiffchaff was singing in the trees to the south of the path to the Budge.  The Budge?  Grass too long and water too high.  Little mud visible so nothing much to see (0815 Sat 26/9 - JUST CHECKED BIRDGUIDES AND A GLOSSY IBIS AT DRURIDGE POOLS!!! I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID. BUT IF ANYONE HAS THE PATIENCE TO SPEND THE TIME LOOKING AT A GRASSY FIELD THEY DESERVE TO GET THEIR REWARD).  And so to the Oddie.  The south-facing hide all nice and new and green and looking out onto a grass field (who stole the water and the mud?).  Druridge from the Oddie had two Otters but nothing with feathers worthy of note, I'm afraid.  That said, the Otter were a treat, one with a reasonable eel that it took to the SE corner of the pool and then out of sight.  The second Otter remained in the middle for some time.

Thought I'd scan the sea.  The tide was on its way out but the best views I have ever had of juvenile Gannets fishing oly 30m off shore.  Probably about 30 of them plus a few adults.  Superb!

And in a very, very quiet Cresswell this afternoon, the highlight were four Greenshank.  The spit was empty, the north causeway had Mallards and Wigeon and there were a few dozen Lapwing on the west shore.

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