Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Turned Out Nice Again!

Left the bins in the back of the car at work (hire car brought home ready for an early start tomorrow).  Mistake.  One of my favourite birds is the sparrowhawk and we have one or two that frequent my garden feeders in sunny Cramlington.  On Sunday evening, I was in the sunroom and a male flew over the garden wall, and along the bushes (forsythia.buddleia etc) and then a very sudden right turn and it landed on a peanut feeder.  After 10 seconds of flapping around, it made off the way it came.  So, either, the sudden right turn occurred because it happened to see the feeder at the last minute (the feeder was devoid of any potential prey - bird or mouse), or, the sprawk knew where the feeder was and took a chance at surprising any meal that might have been there.  I favour the latter, but if anyone knows better, let me know.  So this evening, me and the trusty beagle (who has aspirations one day of being as famous as Boulmer's Bunty), walked the newly cut corn fields between the Y estate in Vietcram and the railway station.  I have seen a spuggyhawk in the area the past few days and tonight was no exception, except this evening it chose to land in what would have been an excellent location for a longer gaze, but as I said, the new bins bought on Sunday were 10 miles away.  Not to worry, on the way home, walking along the cycle path behind Chez Moi me and the Lilster were confronted by a male sparrowhawk heading for us just below fence level.  No surprise, when it saw me, it did a quick up'n'over and away into a garden.

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