Monday, 26 October 2009

Black Humour!

Spent a few hours yesterday afternoon ambling around Byth and Whitley Bay Cemeteries.  This isn't something I am completely comfortable with as I cannot rationalise the relatives' grief alongside my enjoyment and both happening in the same place.  Then there's the resting places of those all-too-soon departed.  'Still United Son' reads the floral tribute in the NW corner at Blyth, a newly created memorial to a lad called Paul who appears to have been very young when he passed on.  The photograph on the other flowers is very sobering to me as I have twin boys.

But the Black Redstart was a ray on sunshine the other day, and whilst yesterday's birds were mundane to say the least, there were two pieces of comic genius at WB Crem.

Firstly, given the nature of the business transacted there, to have a sign that said Fire Point made me snigger.  Better still was the wheelie bin 'parked' near the chapel itself which read 'No Hot Ashes'!

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  1. There's a few of my clan down there in Blyth Cemetery, say hallo next time your passing.