Sunday, 18 October 2009

Off The Rails

Nothing too inspiring coming off Birdguides today.  There was a Pectoral Sandpiper at St Mary's, presumably the wetland, but annoyingly, the location was vague.  In fact, very vague.  To simply say, 'One present' is poor.  'One on the Wetland.'  Better.  'One on the south end of the wetland.'  Better still.  Whilst part of learning is to seek and find, sometimes time is of the essence.  Anyway, rant No. 1 over.

Rant No. 2?  People who let their dog crap everywhere.  If I can pick Lil's up, why can't others.  I am sick of standing in it or worse, trying to stop 'Herself' eating the feckin' stuff.

Rant No. 3?  Feckin' amateur footballers who leave energy drink bottles littering public fields.  And worse, the caps and covers that one day will choke a dog.  If I let mine sh*te on their pitch, they'd be livid.  But it's OK for them to leave the bi-products of their hobby lying about.

Rant No. 4?  The 'gentlemen' who frequent Arcot Lane and Lake.  I am all for live and let live, but this afternoon it was like Piccadilly Circus.  I am tired of being embarrassed about who is behind me (no comments, please) when I am trying to watch the feathered friends.  And who knows what comes into view when scanning the bushes!

WHIE today - never before have so many Jackdaws, Woodies and BHGs been in the air at once.  Amazing.  Move over Hitchcock! 

Arcot this afternoon - Teal and Mallards, Crows, Jackdaws and Magpies, BHGs, HGs and CGs, Snipe and Moorhen and a Water Rail up and down the west bank.  Best views I have ever had.  Superb!  And I know you are asking, 'Where's the pathetic photo?'  Not to disappoint, voila!

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  1. Sometimes the bird info services can only be as good as the info that comes in and the quality of that very much depends on the individual birder.