Friday, 2 October 2009

What an amateur!

Not to be out-done by a few predatory sea birds with spoon-like tails, I thought a few minutes of maritime hommage was in order at first light today.  St Mary's, Seaton Sluice or Blyth, that is the question.  Given the tight timescale and the lateness of 'sun' rise, I opted for Blyth (the end of the pier to be precise).  That was possibly error No. 1.  Not checking that my coat was in the boot was No. 2!  Leaving my new bins' rain cover in the car with the rest of the lens caps, cloth and carry case was No. 3.  And so to the pier, no coat, chilly, but in hope of a Pom.  And on the beach was a HUGE flock of gulls, mostly GBBs, nearly 170 adults, plus 80 or so juveniles, with some Common and BHs.  Worth a quick scan en route, I thought, and for once, rightly so. 

Voila, an Iceland amongst them. 

It looked a bit odd, on the periphery of the flock, the right wing drooped as if damaged.  My frown was replaced by a slight grin, that was quickly returned to a frown by the rain that had started.  Not to be beaten , off to the end of the pier, clad only in t-shirt and jeans like a true (if not adopted) Bigg Marketeer on a weekend!! 

Not much seen during the 20 minutes there - gulls, Gannets, Eiders and Cormorants. 

But on the way back, the gull flock had dispersed for dog-related reasons but as I passed the Yacht Club, as if by magic, the Iceland Gull was there on the shore, less than 10 yards away.  Camera in hand, batteries charged, and off we go, another POTW contender for Birdguides (NOT!).

And the end photo proves it can fly!

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