Sunday, 1 November 2009

Practice What You Preach!

I want this blog to be a combination of birding and humour and often these are linked and sometimes expose my frailties.

Take yesterday, for example. 

Good start, as there were a few 'scopers' when I arrived at the Beehive to tick the Pec. Sand.  Even better, a nice guy who I have seen countless times before but do not know his name (drives a small red Mitsubishi on an 05 plate and he is 5'8", 50's, dark brown hair and a full set) put me on to the bird as it was doing a Pheasant impression by hiding in the long grass!  Magic!

Then off to Holywell to see if the GWT was about.  Always a good sign when other birdres' cars are there and Northumbrian Birder's was plus a few others.  At the 5-bar gate I met a guy who had been at the Members' Hide and was now en route to the Public one.
"Just seen a Goosander fly over this way."
(ME) "Nice birds.  Smart lookers.  Quite common and under-rated."
"A flock of Greylags has flown over that way too."
(Me) "Lots of them about.  Always worth a look in case something else is with them."

And did I have a look?  No!  And should I?  Yes!  And would it have been only my second ever White-fronted Goose?  Too right!  And am I bitter?  Absolutely!!

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  1. Is that you Gordon? If so, haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is going well. Blog looking canny. If not, well I blame my age...