Friday, 4 December 2009

Usual Suspects

Found myself in work mode in SE Northumberland this morning, and as the day developed, it was far too nice to be indoors ('who knows what the weekend will hold, so grab the rays whilst they're there', is my philosophy at this time of year).

Off to Bothal Pond (bit big for a pond on a good day, but after the recent rain, it's more a big lake!).  Counted 25 species, inc. over 200 Canada Geese (with Billy (No Mates) the Barnacle Goose in with them), but other than that, nothing out of t'ordinary.

After 45 minutes, off to Longhirst, with a score of 4.

And then Castle Island for 2.15pm.  20 listed, inc. 2 Sparrowhawks (close up and personal), a pair of RB Mergansers and an odd duck sat on a log on the river's edge, south bank, to the east of the path through the allotments (opposite the east end off the island).  Head was under its wing, poor thing, but it appeared all white below and neck, and all dark (black?) on top with a long dark tail.  Never saw the head whilst I was there, but it was alive as its tail wagging showed.  Imagine a GBBG with duck's feet!  Probably a Muscovy.  Can I tick it?  Yes you can!  (there's a song in there somewhere!).

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