Sunday, 20 December 2009

Where's Roy Castle When You Need Him?

Went on a dog-less stroll this pm around my patch - this aspect of birding is quickly becoming addictive, seeing whether or not I can beat the record.  Earlier?  Failure!  2pm > 320pm - success!
1/2/3 Gulls - BH/C/H
4/5 Tits - B/G
6/7/8/9 Finches - B/Go/C/Gr
10 Crow
11 House Sparrow
12 Dunnock
13 Kestrel
14 Sparrowhawk
15 Buzzard
16 Mipit
17 Wood Pigeon
18 Collared Dove
19 Magpie
20 Pheasant
21 Heron
22 Fieldfare
23 Snipe (inc. one over my street)
24 Blackbird
25 Stonechat
26 Wren
27 Robin

Record of 22 smashed!!

The ice on the Flashes was over two inches thick and could often take my full weight!  Good Lord, it's Eskimo Gord!


  1. "Could often take my weight" sounds a bit risky! What happened when it didn't?

    Keep up the blog, it suits my sense of humour.

    Any idea what the long term prospect is for WHIE once fully developed in terms of habitat and access? I have yet to venture there.

  2. The water below was only 8 inches deep and my wellies are a little longer so apart from a twitchy sphincter, all was well. LOng term , when the new fire station is built the access road will make getting to the flashes even easier. have seena plan to turn it into a wildlife park but how that now sits with the squuze on funding I am unsure. IN any event, it's a great place all year round and the wildlife do not need human intervention.