Sunday, 14 February 2010

One Off

Broke 30 species on my patch tour with the pup today, thanks to a flock of a couple of dozen Goldfinch, Siskin, Coal Tit and Blue Tits that flew from the bushes outside the WHBP into the trees at the end of Horton Drive.  And four Mistle Thrushes in the same tree at the east end of the smaller Flash.  And a Shelduck with the Mute Swan on the larger Flash too! 

On a roll, the next milestone was three figures for the year, so two easy ticks of the Iceland Gull at Blyth and the Redpolls at Havannah NR.  Easy!  B*llocks! 

Despite three birders leaving the port telling me it was there, could I locate it?  Could I sh*te!  I spent an age looking at the dapper Herring Gulls, the 'best bib'n'tucker' Cormorants as both are getting suited up for the Spring fornication reproduction period!!

Next time you visit Blyth, try and get a look on the roof of the first yellowy transit shed (No 17).  Today, it had 250 waders on it, a mix of Dunlin and Ringed Plover.  A-bloody-mazing!!!

After spending too much of the day-release period at Blyth, Havannah was too far, so Seaton Sluice to try and add another two to the ongoing 98.  Failed again - added a Guillemot and watched a large (larger than a Manx) all-dark Shearwater flying north but far out; wing beats were slower than a Manxie too, but distance and light meant I wouldn't have a clue as to what it was.

99 please, sir!


  1. At this time of year it may have been an immature Gannet?

  2. Alan - thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, let alone respond to them. I would never say never, but the general jizz suggested Shearwater (rapid wing beats (4 or 5 or so), glides, close to the water, fine build). I did not see any other Gannets (or, for that matter, Shearwaters) in the hour or so I was there. I guess I'll never know!

  3. Concering cunning plans! GM...Just seen this. I'm interested in any cunning plan that will find me a Jack Snipe.;-)