Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Popped A Black-head

Depression from Sunday at missing the Black-headed Wag turned mildly positive when I got to Cresswell at 7:15am yesterday and although bloody freezin' and windy I did see four White-fronted Geese fly south and then off west, after a few attempts at landing near the spit.  But no Wags at all.

A very busy work day prevented me from keeping up with Birdguides during the daily grind (I am miserly and am only a Bronze (no text alert) member) and so it was with HUGE concern I turned on the computer at 7:00pm last night and saw two reports of the Black and Blue duo at Cresswell again, so off north at Bradley-esque speed, shoe laces not tied and only one arm in my coat! 

On arrival, several top blokes were there; Birding Sometimes, Northumberland Birding, Alan the Butcher, Richard the Bus Driver (no-one admitted to being a candlestick maker) et al, which is always a good sign.  No Black-head, but the three other (non-Pied) Wags ticked and a Common Sandpiper too!

The crescendo building, it was sharp exit from work today, followed by a frustrating drive from Pontelend to Cresswell behind an endless stream of drivers who wanted to keep to the speed limit.  Deep joy; arrival noted Vipers, Sometimes (again!) and a few others whose names are a mystery who hurriedly pointed out the elusive Wag (I still think the Channel is the best looker).  And relax!!

And deeper joy as when I got in, my Czech beer from London had arrived!

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