Sunday, 11 April 2010

You don't get anything for a pair......................

...................not in this game!  Oh, the wit of Sir Brucie Forsyth!  Comic genius!

Anyway, you do get a lot for a pair, especially when they are Avocets.  Quick trip to Cresswell was a success this afternoon, and I dropped in at the spit where the Sleekburn meets the river.  No Whimbrel nor Egrets nor Spotty (but I did meet the guy who posted them yesterday) just few hundred Redshank, a dozen Shelduck, one Ringed Plover, one Bar-tailed Godwit, a dozen Turnstone, three Mute Swans and a hod of Curlew.

And I found this on youtube just now - Davy Tee when he realised he could get out today and try and tick the GGS at Harwood.  I am looking for the clip of when he got home, which I am sure was a little more subdued!


  1. Yeah we all love a bit of Brucie... but surely the comic genius here is family guy tho !