Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Buston Vasey?

Went looking for the Red-backed Shrike last night north of Warkworth.  Birdguides gave directions and for once, they were good.  If you were that birder, my hat off to you.  I get a little irked when a cracker is reported with a commentary of 'one' or 'male'.  Whilst I realise birds fly, and move, a good 'starter for ten' is a bit more detail than one word.

Anyway, drove out of Warkworth and had to flag down four different people to get directions to Low Buston.  I wonder whether, in 'League of Gentlemen' style, the locals did not want to assist a non-local!

I now know where Low Buston is, High Buston, Buston Barns, Low Buston Farm, Buston Forapiss and Buston Agut!

And having eventually located the road with the hill between the farm and the barns, no surprise, no RBS!!!

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