Saturday, 5 June 2010

Viping The Floor With Gary

There's a small and very friendly 'battle' between me and my mentor and birding chummy Gary 'Vipers' Smith.  Mine's longer than his (year list, that is!).

Early start today - 08:00 at Long Nanny for the terns. Twenty pairs of Little'uns (Little Tern - 179), 700 pairs of Arctics (one posed for me as below).  Bonser!!

Then off to Stag Rock, sea like a mill pond, covered in auks, and added Puffin and Razorbill (watch it, Gary, now over 180!).

Spent a little time at Budle Bay, met by Steve Holliday, and we scanned for the Kite but alas no joy.

Then off south, and more local to home, Reed Warbler showing exceptionally well.

Come on Vipers, get your optics out!

And remembered to capture an image of my favourite road signs.  I snigger each time I see it!!  My other juvenile sign-related smiles are generated by adulterations to Shilbottle and Lunt (a small 'hamlet' a mile away from my Liverpool home) and best of all, on entering Powburn on the 697 pre-General Election, a Conservative Vote For Change banner read Vote For Minge!  Here. here!


  1. I'm on 172 now, I added Avocet and willow Tit yesterday. I doubt I will catch you now, especially with the luck you are having, Temminck's Stint on your home patch. Well done and keep up the good work. (Git)

  2. Cracking addition to the roadsign list, I hear that sign has been showing well at Swinhoe for a while now....... Good innit...

  3. Oh so ive fallen out of the league to compete with i dont even get a mention now. Well ive got one more follower than you HA.

    Nice pic of the Little Tern though. ;-)

  4. DT - photo is an Arctic (my blog lay out misled - sorry). The Little'uns wouldn't sit still! Get up there over the next few weeks as little Little'uns and little Arctics should be present. All say, Ahhh!!

  5. I knew that was an Artic just checking you did. Well done you passed.