Saturday, 7 August 2010

Encore! Encore!

'Escaped' at 12:30pm today and first stop was Snab Point.  The briny was a millpond, the bay to the south has c.300 Eider, c.40 Common Scoter, many parties of auks, one RT Diver, and on the beach, Arctic, Common and Sandwich Terns, the odd gull (H/C/BH), c.80 Oystercatcher, two dozen Redshank and a dozen Turnstone.  There were two airborne flocks of Common Scoters, c.50 north and half an hour later, c.40 south.  A steady passage of Gannets north occasionally dropping in for a bite to eat.

After a short shower (rain, not in a cubicle!), off for a quick squint at Cresswell, with little to say, I am afraid.

Final stop, The Pools, and the big dune that gives a good view of the sea.  Five RTDs, and another Black-throatie, with clearer but shorter views c/w yesterday.  Two in two days - excellent!  Again, the surface was dotted with auks and a juvenile GC Grebe was also present, Gannets and terns all over, but the best Arctic Skua v Tern activity I have ever seen, with two pale morphs hunting together, and joined by a dark morph too.  I have never had three in one scope view before.

So no year ticks (despite my best efforts, the skuas did not have spoons and the divers were not great nor northern!).

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