Friday, 3 September 2010

RBS reduces deficit

With Gary - The Fluke - Smith at 204 for the year, it was time to get closer (NOT in the pink and fluffy sense) and so this afternoon I hot-tailed up to Bamburgh to seek the Red-backed Shrike.

After an hour of watching the top of every bush between there and Seahouses, or so it seemed, I bumped into a local birder who confirmed where it should have been and was seen earlier today.  After a minute or two of joint bins-craft, voila!

What a stunner!  I must admit that shrikes are one of my absolute favourite birds and this juvenile was quite superb.

My 'assistant' was the guy who located the Barred Warbler at Budle Point yesterday, and what a great bloke.  Didn't get his name tho'.

So, Vipers, 204 - 202 and my first pelagic tomorrow.

Here's to a score draw or even an away win by close of play tomorrow! 

Unless you are taking the kindergarten on a field trip again!

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