Saturday, 11 September 2010


From Birdguides this morning.  What a foursome; and all in THREE minutes!  A dream come true for the lucky birder(s), no doubt.

08:56 11/09/10 Pectoral Sandpiper Mayo Leam Lough

two juveniles on The Mullet this morning

08:55 11/09/10 Buff-breasted Sandpiper Mayo Leam Lough

one still on The Mullet this morning

08:54 11/09/10 White-rumped Sandpiper Mayo Leam Lough

juvenile still on The Mullet this morning

08:53 11/09/10 Spotted Sandpiper Mayo Leam Lough


  1. Yeah, but are the Little Stints still a West Hartford.

  2. Dunno, Sir! Chores all morning and probably not gonna get out today for domestic reasons. Go ahead, get ahead!