Sunday, 7 November 2010

Generally Pleasant

Had a stroll this pm around Newburn Riverside (from the rear of the One NE building down to the pickle factory and back).

Great weather; warmish, clear and dry,but not much to see.  The land in the centre of the circuit was flooded and covered in BHG with the odd CG too.

On the river (two hours short of high tide) was a solitary Cormorant, a large fish jumped out (18" long, slim, silvery below and bronzy above) and the biggest surprise was a seal!

Not many other birds to be honest, Goldfinches a plenty and on the roof of the Stannah building a nice gathering of gulls - GBBG and HG (no white-wingers, more's the pity).

Back in time to see the locals beat the Cockneys 1 - 0 and my lot beat the other Cockneys 2 - 0.

All'n'all, not a bad day and weekend.

18:40 hrs - I take it all back!!!!  Squacco Heron seen in Morpeth this afternoon (and yesterday) 400m east of the town centre near the foot bridge!!

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