Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Warming Up

Not having used my optics in anger for what seems like an age (it's actually only ten days), I thought a quick 'drop in' this afternoon would act as a warm up for the weekend, as especially as the weather was also warming up.

Arcot Lake - eight Mute Swans, two Grey Herons, two Oystercatchers, seven Tufties (5M:2F), four Goldeneye (1M:3F), two Wigeon (2M), one Moorhen and couple of Mallard.  Non-water, two Mistle Thrushes and common corvids.

At the end of Arcot Lane, where it joins the dual carriageway, perched at the top of the lighting pole, a pair of LBBGs - nice!

West Hartford at 16:00 - quiet; too quiet.  Grey Partridge heard, Woodcock seen, and common corvids once again.

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