Friday, 25 March 2011

Birding: a black and white pursuit

The last 24 hours have really been rather good.

Last night, walked 'Herself' from 5 to 6pm and had to be out for an awards evening at 6:15.  Whilst speedily donning the old 'whistle', the phone goes and by the time Mrs M gets to it, it's gone silent.

And then the 121 message from John - Nice New Car - Malloy that there's a Great White Egret at West Hartford.  So I tell the Gruppenfuhrer, she looks at her watch, I try and spell out the alternative route to the event venue via WH, she looks at me as if I am stupid, I admit I am, and then she transfers bins from my car to hers.  Winner!  And en route, news that there are two - Crikey!

So, the award for The Best Dressed Birder 2011 goes to..........................

Today, Raven Hunting in Kielder, and a glorious morning got foggier the nearer I got to Big K.  Arriving at 8:40, it was a pea-souper.  Bugger!

But the sun was out, and trying to break through, so the East Kielder Farm area was useless, but Bakethin was better.

It was very busy, especially with Nuthatch and Chaffinch.  A Green Woodpecker yaffled repeatedly but remained elusive, and there were plenty of Great Tits too.

Back to Forest Drive and after half an hour, several minutes of Corvus corax, just the one, but a belter!

Apart from loads of Common Buzzard pairs (and one with nesting material 'billed up'), not much else (Mippits and Skylarks), back to hunt the woody.  And again, no joy.

But, three Sand Martin flew NW, and a solitary Swallow.

And en route home, 40 Whoopers on Kielder Water was good to see.

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  1. Were you wearing a "Dickie" also?
    Bow not bird.