Monday, 7 March 2011

Summery Summary?

For those with my welfare in mind, I am still here!  My birding over the last few days has been made up of:
  • Taking the Chief Spotter to Teesside on Friday for a busy few hours, but nothing added to the year's list.  Lots of what we did not see as opposed to what we did, if you understand.
  • Two hops across the patch to hear Tawny Owls.  The first drew a blank and the second success (but as I only record what I see, as pleasant as it was to note the calls, it was hardly pulse-racing).
  • Travelling to Doncaster to see some friends and a few hours at Potteric Carr on Saturday afternoon.  As with Teesside, lots of birds we did not see (LSW, Bittern, Green Woodpecker), but plenty of activity nonetheless.
Highlight?  Red Kite over a field next to the A1M as we drove back yesterday afternoon, where the A1 and M1 meet in West Yorks.

Hardly summery weather, but looking out of the window, it's not far away!

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