Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dapper, Dipper, Dipped!

Mixed bag today (isn't it ever).  The report of a Black Redstart at The Pools was too good to miss, and en route, reports of a Glaucous Gull adult at the back of Cresswell Ices (not literally).  The Glaucous was, then wasn't, then was.  When I arrived, three renowned birders were debating the bird, that was asleep in the sun on the rocks amongst an ebbing tide.  With its side obscured by a Herring Gull and its head resting on its back, the bright white ball of feathers was impossible to i/d (it had been mobile earlier).

Off for the BR - and with the help of three others, the blackthorn patch was scrutinised from all angles whilst the local team of bovine intruders were all over the place, like bulls in a china shop; except some were cows; and the china shop was a patch of shrubs!

After a few minutes, there she was, and as these birds always are, stunning!

So far, the dapper quarry was successfully sought.

And reports from those with optics in the vicinity had the Garganey pair either from the Budge or the South-facing Hide.  3 - 0 from the first leg on Sunday, the aggregate score after today's second leg was Garganey 5 - 0 Liverbirder!  And once again, BirdGuides later had them reported.  Dipped!

Finally, off for a quiet sit by the Blyth at Plessey.  Apart from the traffic over Hartford Bridge, a sunny, still, warm half hour was inspired by the antics of a Dipper, quite superb as it disappeared under the water, returning with scran after a minute or so.

No Groppers calling at Arcot or West Hartford yet.

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