Saturday, 30 July 2011


Started at Snab at 07:20 today.  Missed much of what DoB recorded - I only had one Bonxie south and 13 Manxies north (a 4, then a 3, then another 3, then a 2 then 1).  No Arctics nor Sooties tho'.

Cresswell was busy with not a lot.  The three B-h Geese are smart, and there's more Coots than Bothal.

East Chevington was equally 'quiet'.  I say quiet, if you blot out the Greylags and Canadas!  And nice to see Andy McLevy back out and about (he has been off the team with a wee back ailment and his absence has been noted by many).

Shamed into visiting Arcot by many who have asked about its state and me not knowing (and a text from Steve Holiday about a Water Rail there) I popped in at 14:15.  More than 70 Lapwings, in excess of 50 Greylags, 4 Herons, a baker's dozen of Moorhen, one Dunlin, one Common Tern but no Rail to be seen.  And a Sparrowhawk fly-by caused a small commotion that could only add to the 'excitement'!

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