Monday, 26 September 2011

N, N, N, N, N, N, Nine......

Sadly not nineteen (yet), but tonight's SEO tally at PC Wandering's patch escalated to nine.

I squeezed an hour in from about 6pm and there were four quartering the two fields near the rusty five-bar gate as the light faded.

And then there was a wee melee above the main field as vulture-like (in the cowboy films), five rose on the thermals and were joined by a sixth and a seventh and the whole group lifted ever skyward. 

Another two were located at ground level and the maths is now easy.

I have never seen more than two SEOs at once, as far as I can recall, and I have never seen this breathtaking behaviour where whirlwind-like, a few birds 'suck in' others and they all amicably gather.

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  1. Bloody hell, I haven't seen one yet! Time I pulled my finger out and paid a visit.